Instrumented buoy – water parameters & current flow measurements

This instrumented buoy is an autonomous and automated system used to measure water parameters and current flow. The buoy is designed to be mounted on a frame. It consists in a four buoys networks.

The system mounted on one buoy includes:

 ABIN automaton

 Multiparameter probe

 Weather station

 GPRS transmission (UHF or IRIDIUM)

 Electrical housing

 ADCP-current sensor

 Low power consumption: power module with two 20W solar panels

 2000L Buoy: marine protection with traffic lights and St. Andrew’s cross

Features and benefits

  • Water parameters and current flow measurement
  • Equipped with NKE multiparameter probe
  • ADCP-current sensor and weather sensor
  • Examples of use

  • Xiamen Bay, CHINA
  • Technical data

  • 2000-liters Float
  • Traffic lights and St. Andrew’s cross
  • Equipped with solar panels