Corrosion & Immersed system behaviour


Last but not least, NKE Instrumentation is very implicated in corrosion and immersed system behaviour researchs. The company offers a wide range of products that is able to measure the corrosion in future submersible structures. There are also autonomous solutions to measure the tractive effort thanks to the SF range that can be placed on mooring lines or below a buoy at kea risk position of moored structures.

SF: Traction and compression forces, fishing

Description - SF, for tractive force data logger, measures and records tractive forces in a fishing string, buoy moorings or any structure secured by a cable, such aquaculture cages for example. The SF is shock resistant and waterproof down to 300 meters.

Down to 50 meters, data can be read underwater thanks to a waterproof Data Pencil, without removing the SF. Fast wireless configuration and data collection thanks to a communication interface connected to the USB port of a PC using Winmemo software.

The SF tractive force data logger is available in different versions: 2, 5, 10 and 35 tons.

Download - Datasheet

SPCT: Corrosion

Description - The SPCT data logger allows the in situ recording of temperature and corrosion potential between a test point that is made of an immersed metallic structure and a measuring electrode in zinc. The SPCT logger is designed for monitoring of cathodic protection for submerged stationary or mobile or inaccessible structures in service: capacity, circuits, pumps, filters.

The SPCT data logger is also intended to identify the origin of the corrosion of complex systems and it allows the recording of the temperature of the environment.

Download - Datasheet

SCPC: Determination of the Cathodic Protection

Description - The SCPC logger provides in situ the value of current density necessary to protect an immerged metallic structure. It allows to determine the characteristics of the cathodic protection needed such as size, number of sacrificial anodes or power supply. Current density depends on the environmental parameters, dissolved oxygen, marine currents, temperature, which influence electrochemical reactions on the surface of the structure to be protected.

The originality of SCPC lies in the fact that the instrument housing is made of the tested alloy.

Download - Datasheet

AirCorr: Corrosion

Description - AirCorr measures and registers the change over time in the electrical resistance (ER) of a thin metal track applied on an insulating substrate. It the metal corrodes, the cross-selectional area of the track decreases and the ER increases. The changes in ER can be directly translated into corrosion depth and corrosion rate.

The AirCorr monitoring system is comprised of an electronic logger for measuring and recording ER, a metal sensor that actually corrodes in the environment, a non-contact communication interface between the logger and computer, and a user-friendly software programme.

AirCorr O: Watertight outdoor version

Download - Datasheet