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ARVOR I Profiling Float

NKE Arvor I profiling float can now be fitted with an RBRargo3 CTD from RBR Ltd.

🎬 Check out the video made at IFREMER test pool to see how we test our profiling floats!

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Training in Woods Hole! 🇺🇸

✈Last week was an American week for nke! While our sales team was in San Diego, one of our profiling float engineer was in Woods Hole 🇺🇸

Christophe hold a training on the PROVOR CTS5-USEA profiling float at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
The aim of this training was to show them all the functionalities and to explain how to use this float that benefits from a new graphical user interface to set mission and acquisition parameters.

The PROVOR CTS5-USEA is also fully BGC-Argo compliant as it can embed the 6 core-BGC-Argo variables and extras such as the new UVP6-LP from Hydroptic designed to study large particles and zooplankton. 🎥🦐

Thank you WHOI for having us!

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NKE on the local news! 📺

🎥 Last week, our CEO Mr. Jean-Claude Le Bleis was asked about the objectives of Ocean BtoB which aims to gather companies to support the blue economy.

It allowed us to meet some partners regarding an offshore wind farm project.

📺 Thank you France 3 Bretagne for visiting our offices!

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From France to California! 🌴

🇺🇸🌴 Ocean Sciences Meeting – San Diego // DAY 1️⃣

Yves and Jérôme are now ready to have you BOOTH 4️⃣0️⃣2️⃣
Don’t hesitate to visit them and discover NKE brand new innovations!

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Arvor and Provor Floats Workshop in Brest!

Last week, IFREMER hosted the ARVOR-PROVOR Float Technical Workshop in Brest.The aim of this workshop was to provide ARVOR and PROVOR Argo float users with extensive technical information and to share best practices. The workshop is being organized by Argo-France and Argo-Canada.
Nke Instrumentation is the manufacturing company of the mostly deployed autonomous profiling floats those last two years. Therefore the team presented our core activity, our latest product innovations and our top priorities.

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Our new multiparameter sonde is now officially released!! 🎉

We are delighted to introduce you the WiMo sonde that will make your life easier. 👍

Thanks to its digital smart sensor suite and its real plug and play, you can measure up to 20 water parameters down to 250 meters depth.

As the web interface is embedded within the sonde you don’t have to waste any time installing software.

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🌊 Our 6 buoys are ready to be delivered at the port of La Rochelle!

The aim of these buoys is to monitor the Atlantic coast during the constructions for the project “Port Horizon 2025” ⚓

The 6 buoys are equipped with fantastic and useful NKE multiparameter probes to measure the main physicochemical water parameters. 💧

The data are automatically transmitted and readable by the final users on our Webdata system. 💻

This network is design for hard environment for minimum 5️⃣ years.

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New CTS5-USEA Profiling Float

🌊 Very first supply of our new ready-to-deploy CTS5_USEA profiling float developed in collaboration with the LOV – fully BGC-Argo compliant as it can embed the 6 core-BGC-Argo variables + the new UVP6_LP 🎥

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The Transat Jacques Vabre is contributing to ocean observing systems!

⛵ The Transat Jacques Vabre skippers are definitely contributing to ocean observing systems as three IMOCA boats released NKE products – in collaboration with Copernicus!

➡ Thank you Alexia Barrier for deploying a NKE profiling float off the Bay of Biscay in collaboration with Unesco and JCOMMOPS.

Watch the video of the release here:

➡ And thank you #TeamMalizia Boris Herrmann and #TeamTimeForOceans Stéphane Le Diraison for releasing two of Copernicus TRUSTED sea surface temperature drifting buoys.

Watch the video of the release here and here

Good luck with the race!!

#seasurfacetemperature #oceanobservation #copernicus #trusted

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Successful Accurasea Floating LiDAR Buoy Type-Validation Campaign

👏 NKE Instrumentation is very proud to announce its participation to the successful Accurasea Floating LiDAR Buoy Type-Validation campaign of EOLFI, granted by DNV GL regarding the Carbon Trust Roadmap.

🌊 As a sub-contractor, NKE Instrumentation provided operational services: buoy preparation, transportation, deployment at sea, day-to-day data survey and operational maintenance during the 6-month campaign.

Accurasea buoy, co-designed and manufactured by NKE Instrumentation, is issued from the R&D project BLIDAR, which aims to build a Floating LiDAR Buoy that measures the wind speed and direction with the highest accuracy as possible in all weather and ocean conditions encountered on an offshore wind farm to reduce the resource assessment uncertainty.

#floatinglidar #buoy #MRE #type-validation

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🌊 TARA & NKE meet in the Mediterranean Sea!

⛵ Last week, the research boat Tara made a short detour to pick our Provor NOSS profiling float up in the Mediterranean Sea.
NKE supports totally Tara’s missions as they are leading a scientific revolution: the aim of the foundation is to enable scientists to predict, anticipate and better manage tomorrow’s climate risks.

Thank you very much Nicolas Bin – Tara’s Captain – and the crew for the precious help and professionalism!

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