NKE Instrumentation has a great expertise of its environment as it is capable of proposing any type of products dedicated to multiple applications. Indeed NKE Instrumentation proposes dedicated products for coastal areas and estuaries applications, oceanographic studies and environmental monitoring, fishing and oysterfarming uses, lakes and rivers environments, deep sea applications or to monitor corrosion and immersed system behaviour.

Coastal areas & Estuaries

NKE offers a wide range of sensors among them full autonomous data loggers. There are also dedicated and specific measuring instruments to measure sedimentation, wave tide and much more parameters. NKE devices aim to measure the physico-chemical parameters of water or current parameters thanks to instrumented buoys.

Oceanographic studies & Environmental monitoring

There are products capable of measuring high resolution density and absolute salinity as well as pCO2 concentration in seawater. There a wide range of instrumentation integrable on mooring lines or carried on platforms such as ROVs, AUVs or ASVs. The company is also a global leader for profiling floats and drifting buoys.

Fishing & Oysterfarming

This type of instrumentation provides the most accurate parameters and is equipped with dedicated protections designed to resist to any shocks. To monitor aquaculture and oysterfarming, we propose a range of autonomous and real-time monitoring instrumentation. For fishing use, we propose the SF range to record tractive forces.

Lakes & Rivers

NKE is involved in erosion and sedimentation concerns and proposes solutions to monitor those parameters. There is also a wide range of compact and robust underwater loggers that are capable to measure the quality of pumping water or water quality of swimming water.

Deep sea

There are devices for specific parameters and applications and also deep profiling floats to measure profiles up to 4000 meters depth. There are also products dedicated to deep sea research and offshore oil and gas protection applications.

Corrosion & Immersed system behaviour

The company offers a wide range of products that is able to measure the corrosion in future submersible structures. There are also autonomous solutions to measure the tractive effort thanks to the SF range that can be placed on mooring lines or below a buoy at kea risk position of moored structures.