nke Instrumentation develops, designs, manufactures and sells underwater monitoring instruments, buoys and instrumented systems and profiling floats.

nke Instrumentation has a wide range of products among them multiparameter probes, underwater autonomous dataloggers, instrumented buoys, drifting buoys, specific instrumented platforms and several kind of profiling floats such as standard profiling floats, bio and specific profiling floats and high and low depth profiling floats.

The company is involved in several research projets, both nationnaly and internationally, to develop its range of products.

Underwater monitoring instruments

NKE Instrumentation develops and supplies autonomous multiparameter probes with radio communication designed to measure the physico-chemical parameters of fresh and sea water and in order to monitor the environment and underwater equipment. The company provides also autonomous data loggers, the WiSens Family, for chemical and physical parameters monitoring, oceans and fresh water monitoring, underwater system analysis and fishing inspection, as well as specific instruments to measure specific parameters.

Buoys and instrumented systems

NKE Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells automated measurement networks for fresh or sea water and environmental monitoring. Measurement, transmission and retrieval of data using technical solutions, as well-tried and adapted to every medium lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal areas, offshore, ships of opportunity. These are instrumented buoys and stations for automated monitoring of fresh and coastal waters. To develop this range of products, the company is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally.

Profiling floats

NKE Instrumentation has extensive experience in the design and the manufacturing equipment useful for oceanographers’ studies of the evolution of oceans and climate. The company benefits from a technical team specialized in the development of profiling floats and allows NKE Instrumentation to offer to its customers various types of floats – such as the standard ARVOR and PROVOR profiling floats, bio and specific profiling floats and high and low depth profiling floats. The technical team is involved in European scientific projects.