nke Instrumentation develops and supplies autonomous multiparameter probes with radio communication designed to measure the physico-chemical parameters of fresh and sea water and in order to monitor the environment and underwater equipment. The company provides also autonomous data loggers, the WiSens Family, for chemical and physical parameters monitoring, oceans and fresh water monitoring, underwater system analysis and fishing inspection, as well as specific instruments to measure specific parameters.

Multiparameter probes

NKE Instrumentation develops, manufactures and sells autonomous monitoring station to monitor and control water quality. The autonomous multiparameter probes are equipped with brush and teletransmission and use a wiper to protect optical sensors from biofouling. The probes measure and record the main physicochemical water parameters – the user can choose up to 7 parameters and it benefits from a fast wireless configuration thanks to a communication interface connected to the USB port of a PC. The multiparameter probes are operational as they can be adapted on multiple supports among them buoys, ladder, stake, pontoon.

Underwater loggers

NKE Instrumentation launched the most compact WiFi remote water-sensing loggers range on the market. Developped and designed by NKE, these new autonomous data loggers allows a very high ease of use thanks to WiFi fully integrated in the WiSens logger using a simple On-Off switch. You can set up the WiSens data loggers with any PC (MAC/ Windows) Tablet or Smartphone (Android/IOS).
So far, the WiSens range has been uses to measure temperature, pressure, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, acceleration and even tide and wave. nke Instrumentation will soon presents new parameters as dissolved oxygen.

Specific parameters

Besides the usual physico-chemical parameters, the company develops, manufactures and sells specific loggers and sensors that are able to measure and record specific parameters. Among the specific loggers we can measure several parameters:

• Density and absolute salinity: NOSS sensor

• PCO2 concentration in seawater: pCO2 sensor

• Effort recorder: SF

• Deep sea temperature measurement: S2T6000 DH-TI

• Irradiance measurement: SPAR

• Corrosivity sensors: SPCT, SCPC, AirCorr