Instrumented buoys


nke Instrumentation provides autonomous instrumented buoys and measuring stations to industrials, power generators, water suppliers, collectivities, scientists etc. The society is able to offer dedicated technical solutions for all environments and requirements in which it is possible to integrate underwater monitoring instruments. The team of engineers and technicians bring all their skills in in-situ data measurement, transmission, storage and processing as well as in float and mooring design and integration in existing platforms. From design to development, manufacture, site installation and maintenance of systems in operational condition, NKE Instrumentation listens to your needs.

SMALL Coastal Float

Description - The small coastal float allows to easily deploy a multiparameter probe SAMBAT at sea or on the water surface. It provides protection against shocks and reduces the development of biofouling on the multiparameter probe.

When the probe is mounted on the float, the various sensors of the multiparameter probe are located one meter below the water surface.

The operation of removing putting back the mechanical set “SAMBAT support pole” does not require any tool which allows fast, practical and easy maintenance.

MEDIUM Coastal Buoy

Description - The medium coastal buoy is a 600 liters float that is mounted on central galvanized steel body. The aim of this buoy is to integrate a multiparameter probe SAMBAT and its GPS/GPRS antenna mounted on an aluminum support pole.

The SAMBAT support pole is an aluminum tube that allows to immerse the sensors of the probe in a 2 meters depth and to position the GPS/GPRS antenna in an unobstructed area for GPS reception and GPRS transmission.

Instrumented buoy – water parameters & current flow measurements

Description - The instrumented buoy is designed to measure the water parameters, the flow current, the wave and the weather conditions. A multiparameter probe SAMBAT can be integrated in. The whole system is managed by the ABIN automaton. The data and alarms are sent via a GPRS modem as a file attached to an email.

The instrumented buoy is an autonomous system equipped with solar panels and battery.

Instrumented buoy – measurement chain & current sensor

Description - The instrumented buoy was set up in 2005 and the aim of this buoy is to measure the river temperature, in real time, from surface to ten meter depth, when the nuclear power plan is rejecting cooling water.

The instrumented buoy is equipped with a measurement temperature chain, atmospheric pressure sensor, depth sensor and ADCP-current sensor and the data are transmitted via GPRS and UHF to the final user. The whole system is developed and manufactured by NKE Instrumentation.


Description - CARIOCA is an automatic drifting or fixed buoy designed to measure the concentration of pCO2 at the surface of the ocean in order to qualify the CO2 exchange between atmosphere and ocean.

Moreover, to enable correlation the buoy is fitted with sea surface temperature (SST), practical salinity, fluorescence and dissolved oxygen measurements.

It also includes ARGOS transmission equipment and power supply to achieve one year of operating autonomy with measurements every hour.

The body of the CARIOCA buoy consists of a tube (0.20m in diameter and 2.5m in length). A wider yellow floating body surrounds the upper part of the tube. The total weight of the buoy is about 130 kg.

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