nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells automated measurement networks for fresh or sea water and environmental monitoring. Measurement, transmission and retrieval of data using technical solutions, as well-tried and adapted to every medium lakes, rivers, estuaries, coastal areas, offshore, ships of opportunity. These are instrumented buoys and stations for automated monitoring of fresh and coastal waters. To develop this range of products, the company is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally.

Instrumented buoys

NKE Instrumentation provides autonomous instrumented buoys and measuring stations to industrials, power generators, water suppliers, collectivities, scientists etc. The society is able to offer dedicated technical solutions for all environments and requirements in which it is possible to integrate underwater monitoring instruments. The team of engineers and technicians bring all their skills in in-situ data measurement, transmission, storage and processing as well as in float and mooring design and integration in existing platforms. From design to development, manufacture, site installation and maintenance of systems in operational condition, NKE Instrumentation listens to your needs.

Drifting buoys

NKE Instrumentation develops, manufactures and sells drifted buoys in order to monitor the current at sea surface for oceanographic studies and also the oil spill trajectories. The drifters can be fitted with holey socks drogue and are by this way linked to a particular mass of water. The drag ratio between surface buoy and the drogue validates the good function of current follower. The SC40 buoy can support several sensors such as a Sea Surface Temperature sensor (SST), a Barometric Pressure sensor, a Drogue Presence sensor, a High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature sensor (HRSST) or a Probe sensor Conductivity/Temperature (CT).

Specific instrumented stations

nke Instrumentation has a range of data buoys that are versatile instrumentation stations ideally suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological and water quality data parameters. Those specific instrumented platforms are completely adaptable to any applications’ needs. It is possible to integrate NKE Instrumentation’s monitoring instruments, such as the underwater monitoring instruments, within the specific instrumented platforms. The specificity of those buoys is that there is a complementary service of installation of training that can also be provided. The company can offer dedicated technical solutions for all environments and requirements.