WiMo: multiparameter sonde – new generation

The WiMo sonde can measure up to 20 water parameters as you can plug up to seven sensors at a time. The WiMo sonde benefits from its smart digital sensor suite including the wiper to maintain the sensors. You can connect and disconnect the sensors whenever and wherever you need even with the functioning sonde on the field. The WiMo sonde has 4 locations to embed sensors.

The key features:

 Digital smart sensors plug and unplug at will

 Up to 20 water parameters measured by a sonde

 Cleaning system proven efficiency

 Data precision high quality standards

 Long-lasting autonomy alkaline batteries

 Wifi connectivity compatible with all platforms

 User-friendly interface easy to use web embedded interface

 3G / 4G solution and other remote communication

 Light and robust proven robustness

 Easy to integrate on buoy / USV / ROV, AUV

The probe is multifunctional and operational as it is suitable for any type of support – among them very light buoy, ladder, stake and pontoon.