Protect the blue lung of the planet

The aim of NKE Instrumentation is to provide precision devices to scientists and professionals. The fields of application are rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and deep sea.

Do you know the WiSens family?

Temperature, pressure, salinity, velocity, tide, waves, conductivity, depth, turbidity … They are not frightened by anything!

SAMBAT: a unique multiparameter probe

The monitoring station you need to record for months the main physico-chemical water parameters such as turbidity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and much more!

High resolution density and absolute salinity

NOSS is a unique underwater sensor for in situ refractive index measurement and capable to detect salinity anomalies of seawater in open oceans.

Discover the new pCO2 sensor!

Compact and robust, the pCO2 sensor can measure pCO2 concentration in seawater. The perfect device to measure Air-Sea CO2 fluxes in ocean.

WiSens Hub: increase your volume catches

With 10 years of experience on instrumenting fishing industry, we propose you a unique packaged solution to enhance your fishing methodology.

NKE Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells instruments for the measurement and the monitoring of oceans and fresh waters.

It is generally forgotten that our planet has a blue lung that is essential to protect and therefore to firstly understand: the ocean. Generally speaking, when the Earth is warming up, it is the oceans that store most of the energy received. Because of their phytoplankton, oceans also absorb some of the CO2 present in the atmosphere. Consequently, they arouse the interest of many scientists and professionals that need precision devices to study how they behave.

Nowadays, while the human being became the ocean’s worst enemy, NKE Instrumentation is manufacturing products to save them and the society is involved in the design of high-tech products capable of understanding the oceans. The fields of applications are rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and deep sea.

NKE Instrumentation provides autonomous data loggers capable of monitoring several water parameters, monitoring of the medium, such as silting, heat flow, atmospheric corrosion and analyzing the behavior of immersed systems among them force, acceleration, slope or corrosion. The company also provides automated systems for the monitoring of water areas, estuaries with instrumented buoys, acoustic buoys and profiling floats of all kinds.

NKE Instrumentation’s range of products includes: multiparameter probes, autonomous buoys, deep floats, sediment sensors and profiling floats.


French TV is talking about us!

🎥 French TV is talking about us! This report explains to what extent climate change is impacting the Mediterranean Sea – the Mediterranean Insitute of Oceanology is using a NKE Buoy to measure the temperature evolution at different depths. You can watch the video here:

Successfull week in Taïwan!

✈ Back in July – our sales manager Luc Simon flew to Taïwan in partnership with Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique & Business France to introduce NKE activity in a business week. 💼 He had the honor to meet with Mr. Ching-Piao Tsai, Ph.D – Deputy Minister of Ocean Affairs Councils – who showed particular interest […]

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