Our challenge towards blue economy


The aims of the company is designing, manufacturing and selling instruments for the measurement and the monitoring of oceans and fresh waters. The top one priority of NKE Instrumentation is to be involved in the understanding of the blue lung of the planet by developing smart high-tech products. The fields of applications are rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and deep sea.

There are three distinct ranges of products. Underwater monitoring instruments that are products designed to measure in-situ the main physico-chemical parameters of fresh and sea water. Buoys and instrumented systems aim to measure, transmit and retrieve data in any type of environment. Profiling floats are used for oceanographic and environmental studies of the evolution of oceans and climate. NKE Instrumentation is though involved in the international ARGO program to supply temperature and salinity profiling floats.

NKE Instrumentation is a leading provider of water monitoring solutions thanks to its 30 years of experience in this field. The company aims solving environmental issues and be involved in several research projects in order to find challenging solutions.


Up to 20 water parameters

Digital smart sensor suite

Plug and unplug at will

No dedicated software – web embedded interface

Do you know the WiSens family?

Temperature, pressure, salinity, velocity, tide, waves, conductivity, depth, turbidity … They are not frightened by anything!

Discover the new pCO2 sensor!

Compact and robust, the pCO2 sensor can measure pCO2 concentration in seawater. The perfect device to measure Air-Sea CO2 fluxes in ocean.

Bio profiling floats

This Provor CTS4 float is now capable to be part of various types of missions as it can embed additional sensors to the standard CTD.

Drifting buoys

This buoy is tailored to measure Sea Surface Temperature, Pressure and High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature!

Provor NOSS

A PROVOR NOSS Profiling Float is equipped with NOSS sensor to estimate the anomalies of composition of the seawater. This new profiling float could contribute to improve the knowledge of absolute salinity and density of seawater.




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NKE officially joined a new R&D project: NAUTILOS started on the 1st of October! NAUTILOS aims to find a new approach regarding underwater technologies for innovative and low-cost ocean observation. This is an H2020 project funded under the Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy. NKE will bring to this project its long-time multidisciplinary expertise in terms of ocean instrumentation development and integration.



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One of our profiling float engineer, Christophe Schaeffer, hold a two-days-training on the PROVOR #CTS5_USEA that is fully BGC-Argo compliant. Antoine Poteau (LOV) and Leo Lacour attented this training to collect all the information about the functionalities of this float that benefits from a new graphical user interface to set mission and acquisition parameters.

Where can you meet us?

IE Expo

IE Expo

Shanghai, China

13 > 15 August 2020



Lyon, France

01 > 04 December 2020