ALTUS: Siltation, Sedimentation, Erosion

ALTUS is a submersible altimeter that is specialized in sediment monitoring in bays and estuaries. Immersible distance measurement system.

 Study of variations in mudflat and beach levels as a function of tidal currents and swell.

 Monitoring of erosion or sedimentation rate of coastal, estuarine, port or river beds

 Waver recorder function

2 MHz transducer


Features and benefits

  • ALTUS allows to study mudflats or beach level varitations according to tidal currents and swell.
    The high frequency acoustic data logger is equipped with a 2MHz transducer located on a light frame at a given distance from the seabed. ALTUS can be used as a tidegauge thanks to its accurate pressure sensor.

  • Examples of use

  • Monitoring of erosion or sediment deposits in coastal waters, estuaries, ports and rivers
  • Evaluation of the sediment volumes to dredge
  • Mathematic models validation
  • Millimetric measurements of the elevation changes of the seabed
  • Accessories

  • Fast wireless configuration and data collection thanks to a communication interface (Inductive Data Pencil) connected to the USB port of a PC using Winmemo software.
  • Technical data

  • Altitude:
    Range: 20 to 200cm
    Resolution: 0.6mm
    Accuracy: 2mm in the 20 to 70cm range / 5mm in the 20 to 200cm range
    Acoustic frequency: 2MHz Beam 3.6°
  • Water height range: 0 to 20m (maximum 30m depth) / Accuracy <6cm / Resolution 0.8cm
  • Time: internal clock with calendar
  • Automatic start/stop: On/Off controlled by pressure sensor (burst mode available)
  • Sampling rate: programmable from >1second to 99hours
  • Autonomy: up to 8 months autonomy, sampling rate 5mn / Energy: replaceable Lithium batteries
  • Downloads

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