WiSens Accessories

We developed a range of accessories specially tailored to be adapted on any WiSens loggers. The aim of these accessories is to protect the loggers, activate them and fix them.

WiSens Protections
 High resilience to any shocks or collision

 Can be easily installed on any fishing nets, trawls etc.

 Water flow is preserved to ensure good measurement

 The WiFi of the WiSens can still be activated through a dedicated magnetic stick

Magnetic activating clip
A magnet is foamed inside the clip

Once placed on the middle part of the WiSens, it activates the WiFi of the WiSens

It enables to access to the WiSens embedded interface via any device with IP address

Mooring clamp: it allows the fixation of the logger on a fixed support such as rocks… It has an adaptable diameter.

Axial clamp: perfectly tailored to the diameter of the WiSens, it allows the suspension of the logger underwater.