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Performance of the SAMBAT probe on inland water bodies!

Few months ago, our team set the NKE multiparameter probe SAMBAT up over the Cher River (in France) in a dedicated metal structure on the pontoon. The measurement campaigns of the SAMBAT have two main goals for Veolia. The aim of the multiparameter probe is to alert in case of hydrocarbon risks and communicate data to properly configure the water treatment plant near by the multiparameter probe.

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50 more drifting buoys of the TRUSTED Project –led by CLS– were delivered in June!
It was really great having you all in Brittany – we hope you enjoyed the quick trip.

We strongly suggest you to read this article written by CLS that explains clearly the TRUSTED Project and its actors.

Thank you to all the partners SHOM, Meteo France, BSH and JCOMMOPS.

A special thanks to our production team who did great 💪

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French TV is talking about us!

🎥 French TV is talking about us! This report explains to what extent climate change is impacting the Mediterranean Sea – the Mediterranean Insitute of Oceanology is using a NKE Buoy to measure the temperature evolution at different depths. ▶️ You...

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Successfull week in Taïwan!

✈ Back in July – our sales manager Luc Simon flew to Taïwan in partnership with Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique & Business France to introduce NKE activity in a business week. 💼 He had the honor to meet with Mr. Ching-Piao Tsai, Ph.D – Deputy Minister of...

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New challenges for NKE & its partners!

🌊🌏 New challenges for NKE and its partners! Convince the G7 parliamentarians in charge of the ocean the relevance of the ARGO community and get funding to: ➡ increase the number of profiling floats up to 4,700 units (4,000 and 6,000 meters...

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NKE Instrumentation – Corporate Video

Celebrating more than 25 years working with passion to propose the best underwater monitoring instruments globally, that was worth a video! Thank you to the team for its implication!

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Provor NOSS

Successful tests have been realised by our partner IFREMER last week on our Provor Noss profiling floats – it will measure direct water density and absolute salinity thanks to a refractive index measurement with highest accuracy! Looking forward another real...

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SAMBAT – Tutorial

We published our new SAMBAT multiparameter probe maintenance tutorial. These are our key advises to ensure yearlong deployments without any trouble. Click here to have the full video in English or here to have it in French. [video width="1280" height="720"...

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Business week in Asia

Last month, Luc Simon flew to Asia to participate in a business week in Singapore and in the Philippines during which he got the change to present our brand new products to a large audience – it was a great busy week.

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Seminar in Chile

Both NKE Instrumentation sales and engineering forces presented in Puerto Montt in Chile our latest protect evolutions during a seminar organized by our partner Casco Antiguo!

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