Follow the journey of the BGC (biogeochemical) profiler – Argo n° 5906623: on 12 December 2020, the float was launched in southern Tasmania, in the Southern Ocean, to be recovered on 17 November 2023.

⌛ For three years, this Argo BGC will transmit data on the temperature, salinity, algae concentration, suspended matter, oxygen, nutrients, light and pH of the seawater.

This was one of the first Argo BGCs to be fitted with the UVP6 (Underwater Vision Profiler) sensor. The UVP6 is designed to simultaneously study and quantify large particles (>100 µm) and zooplankton in a known volume of water. The UVP system uses computerised optical technology with customised illumination to acquire digital images of zooplankton IN SITU to depths of 6000m.

📈 These measurements are used to answer scientific questions concerning the variability of the biological carbon pump in the oceans, the uptake of anthropogenic CO2 by the ocean, deoxygenation and acidification, the management of marine resources and the validation of satellite observations.

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Australian Antarctic Program Partnership / ISMOS / CSIRO / UTAS / hydroptic
Crédits vidéos : Amélia Pierson & AAPP