Given the major sanitation challenges in Brazil, where half the urban population is not connected to sewage networks and less than a quarter of wastewater is treated, we decided to commit to the Maru project. 💧

📋 The Maru project aims to monitor river water quality in Brazil, ensuring real-time control of the raw water supplying the city’s drinking water via SEMAE Piracicaba in Brazil.

The aim is to intensify discharge monitoring and analyze the impact of urban wastewater pollution.

➡️ nke Instrumentation supplied two automatic water quality monitoring stations.

The installation was carried out by Okeanus, one of nke Instrumentation’s representatives in Brazil, in the presence of the FCTH, which will be responsible for the station’s long-term maintenance, as well as representatives from SEMAE and the PCJ Basin Agency (the project’s beneficiary agency)

Personnel de la FCTH du SAAE-VR