• is a French company based in Lorient near the Atlantic coast.
  • employs more than 35 employees to give the best to its customers.
  • is working with more than 30 different countries.
  • has more than 30 years of experience of manufacturing oceanographic loggers.
  • knows exactly how to deal with oceans robustness issues.
  • has an expert knowledge of fresh water environment.
  • is pursuing long term relationships with its customers, employees and partners.
  • proposes very wide types of materials suitable for any types of environments.
  • has its own metrology laboratory to calibrate the products.


  • developing products and solutions to take care of environment.
  • contributing to save the oceans.
  • satisfying customer needs.


  • providing top class measurement validity.
  • providing the best measurement quality.
  • providing modular product adapted to the needs.
  • mastering the whole chain of the products.

Team of experts

The company employs more than 30 people to make sure to satisfy customers’ needs. There is a team of more than 10 engineers that has a great expertise of the oceanographic and electronic products and they are all passionate by environmental concerns. The devices are produced by a team of 10 producers that are very meticulous and cautious. One person is in charge of the after sales service to support the customers when they need help. Finally, there is about 5 people working in the customer service.

Metrology laboratory

“All our laboratory equipment are yearly calibrated to respect international standards."
NKE Instrumentation has metrology facility in order to calibrate all the devices the company sells before to send them to the customers. It means the company controls all the process as NKE is in charge of the calibration. The metrology lab is equipped with a thermostated tank, CTD measuring instruments, a salinometer portasal, automated pressure tests and turbidity references.

R&D Projects

NKE Instrumentation is constantly pioneering new technologies. Indeed, new state-of-the-art equipment are required to satisfy the new standards in place, emerging environmental requirements, ever more rigorous quality systems and increasingly accurate traceability. The company invests massively in research and development and is therefore highly involved in projects certified either by the Sea centre for competitiveness, the ANRT or Europe.


NKE Instrumentation is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally and works in partnership with scientific institutions among them IFREMER, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea. Some products such as drifting subsurface profiling floats are developed in partnership with IFREMER for the ARGO community in order to make measurements of salinity and temperature.


nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells:


Field of application





Our team of engineers and technicians brings all its skills in the in-situ measurement, transmission, storage and formatting of data but also in the design of floats and anchorages as well as integration on existing support.

nke Instrumentation is involved in several research projects, both nationally and internationally, and works in partnership with scientific institutions.