SMALL Coastal Float

TThe float is one of the easiest ways to deploy a multiparameter sonde at sea, or in continental water. It is designed to reduce the biofouling on the probe. The depth measurement in one meter sub-surface.

The system provided by NKE Instrumentation includes:

 A central body equipped with a 20L float

 Traffic lights and St. Andrew cross

 Data transmission: GPRS

 Designed for easy maintenance without any tool

 Well protected probe against biofouling risks

Features and benefits

  • The SAMBAT float allows  to easily  deploy a  SAMBAT multiparameter probe at sea or on inland bodies of water. It provides protection against shocks and reduces the development of biofouling on the probe’s body.
  • When mounted on the float, the sensors of the SAMBAT are located 1 meter below the water surface. The operation of removing and putting back the mechanical set “SAMBAT support pole” does not require any tool which allows fast and easy maintenance.
  • Examples of use

  • Continental waters
  • Technical data

  • Total height: 1.7m
  • Total weight: 20kg (chain included)
  • Support pole + antenna  + SAMBAT total weight: 6kg
  • Float with a buoyancy of 20 liters. EVA material (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
  • Central body in High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Crowfeet chain: two chains DN10 ((2.2kg/m) + chain plates and shackles.