PROVOR CTS5 -with camera: fully BGC-ARGO compliant for R&D and demanding application

The PROVOR CTS5 -with camera- design is based on the ARGO PROVOR CTS4 float to integrate additional sensors tothe standard CTD. These are optical sensors from Satlantics, WetLabs or Aanderaa.

Qualified ARGO technology:

 Additional sensors to the standard CTD

 Fully BGC compliant

 6 core BGC ARGO variables and extras: oxygen, nitrate, pH, chlorophyll a, suspended particles, downwelling irradiance

 Underwater Vision Profiler Sensor (UVP6-LP)

 Up to 0.5 dbar resolution (average mode) and 0.1 dbar resolution (raw data mode)

 High sampling resolution (down to 1 sec)

 Improved Iridium RUDICS telemetry

 Down to 2000 meters depth

 Graphical user interface to set mission and acquisition parameters

 Self-ballasted float with increased buoyancy


Options that can be embedded:

 The ICE mode: it allows operation of the floats in the seasonally ice covered regions – without any loss of data during the under-ice period – through the development of Ice Sensing Algorithm. This algorithm is combined with a preprogrammed calendar with pre-defined scenarios according to seasons and can be modified remotely. 

 The MULTI-PARK mode: for navigation with several parking drift phases during the descent. It can realize up to 5 drift phases with independent durations.