Few months ago, our team set the NKE multiparameter probe SAMBAT up over the Cher River (in France) in a dedicated metal structure on the pontoon. The measurement campaigns of the SAMBAT have two main goals for Veolia. The aim of the multiparameter probe is to alert in case of hydrocarbon risks and communicate data to properly configure the water treatment plant near by the multiparameter probe.

After 7 months of operation without any maintenance on the probe, the accuracy of the sensors – conductivity, temperature, turbidity, pH, CDOM, dissolved oxygen, hydrocarbon – was checked. The probe has remained in the measurement accuracy previously announced in the specifications which means it has not derived. The anti-fouling wiper and the cupro-nickel grid on conductivity sensor extend deployments and improve data accuracy.

This new freshwater experience proves the performance of our SAMBAT multiparameter probe on inland water bodies and rivers!