WiSens automated receiving unit

NKE proposes a range of autonomous loggers called WiSens that can be installed on fishing nets, doors, cages etc. The WiSens loggers allow to measure water physico-chemical parameters with high accuracy and fast response time. WiSens also have capability of on-board wireless automatic transfer to a computing unit called WiSens-Hub.

Key advantages:

 Based on WiSens technology

 High accuracy & fast response time

 Reliable & cost effective solution


Features and Benefits

  • Wireless automated water physico-chemical parameter monitoring
  • Equipped with NKE Instrumentation WiSens loggers range
  • A computer is supplied
  • Examples of use

  • Fishery applications
  • Technical data

  • WiSens TD performances
  • WiSens provided in their dedicated protections that ensure general functioning
  • Antenna, junction box and an ethernet cable