STPFlu: Temperature, Depth, Fluorescence, Fishing

STPO2 measures and records fluorescence, temperature and depth.

 Light and compact

 Radio profiler version

 Fast wireless configuration and data collection thanks to WinMemo software



Features and benefits

  • STPFlu measures and records fluorescence (as a proxy of chlorophyll-a), pressure and temperature in coastal waters.
  • Easy to use:
    Fast wireless configuration and data collection thanks to a communication interface (Radio Data Pencil) connected to the USB port of a PC using Winmemo software.
    Light and compact
  • Rugged and reliable:
    Optimal shockproof protection of sensors (NF X10-812 standard)
    Set up and data transmission possible via Recopesca network
    Lithium long-lasting batteries (several months)
  • Examples of use

  • Coastal oceanographic research
  • Study of eutrophication in near cost areas
  • Sensors for fishery management on board small volunteer vessels or research vessels
  • Stock evaluation and fisheries research
  • Sensors

  • Fluroescence
  • Depth
  • Temperature
  • Technical data

  • Fluorescence (as a proxy of Chlorophyll a):
    Range: 0 – 500 µg/l
    Minimum Detection Limit: 0.025 µg/l
  • Depth:
    Range: 0 – 300 m
    Accuracy: 0.9 m
    Resolution: < 0.1 m
  • Temperature:
    Range: -5 to +35°C
    Accuracy: <0.05°C Resolution: 0.01°C Response time (63%): <3 s
  • Time: internal clock with calendar (clock drift +/- 1mn/month)
  • Sampling rate: programmable from 1 second to 99 hours
  • Autonomy:
    Memory: 1Mo, 600 000 measures
    Energy: 3 months at 10 s sampling rate (replaceable Lithium batteries)
  • Mechanical features:
    Material: plastic
    Dimensions: Ø 74 x 285 mm
    Weight in air: 1387 gr