S2T6000 DH-TI: High temperature

The S2T6000 measures and records the temperature. The S2T6000 is designed for use in extreme environments, up to 6000m and 450°C.

 Remote sensor

 Light and compact

 Reading and programming possible by immersion using Data Pencil used from a submarine, a ROV or an AUV

 Transmission without connector (inductive), thanks to a reading interface (Data Pencil)

 Programming and collection of measurements on PC with WinMemo software


Features and Benefits

  • Remote sensor
  • Light & compact
  • Fast wireless configuration and data collection
  • Possible underwater communication
  • Examples of use

  • Deep sea
  • Ponctual measurements on a hydrothermal spring
  • Technical data

  • Maximum depth: 6000m
  • Material: titanium
  • Response time: <5s
  • Internal clock with calendar
  • Autonomy: 1Mo, enables to make at least 600 000 measures
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