Hook Timer: Biting time, Fishing

In addition to the equipment of the longline with the SP2T600, the Hook timers, allow you to know precisely the time which passed between the catch of the fish and the lifting of the line. These clock modules are attached between the main line and the hook.

Hook timers allow :

    to know exactly the elapsed time between the time the fish was caught and the time the line was hauled

    to determine the optimal average time to drop and haul the long line

The clocks are equipped with a quartz module whose start is controlled by a magnetic switch.


Features and benefits

  • In addition to long line equipment with TD logger SP2T, the Hook-Timer permits to know exactly how long time rand out from moment the fish swallows the hook and then haul the line.
    timers are fiexed between the main line and the hook.
    It permits to know: when the fish has swallowed the bait, optimal average time to drop and haul the long line.
    Hook-Timers are made with a quartz system with magnetic switch to start.
    The traction generated by fishes starts the timer and then, when you haul the line, you can read since how long time fishes have swallowed the bait; You have to replace the cap of Hook Timer and a new breaking bond to make it work again.
  • Examples of use

  • To improve quality and quantity of catches knowing the fishes behaviour.
  • Technical data

  • Maximum depth: 600m
  • Weight in air 58g / in water 47g
  • Max Time displayed: 29h59mn
  • Resolution: 1min
  • Accuracy: 1min/24h
  • Auto off: after 5 days
  • Lifetime: >2 years with 840 hours used
  • Temperature of working: 0°C to 40°C
  • Minimum traction to start the timer: 3kg
  • Whole dimensions: 8cm x 3cm